NIFREL 1st 1th AnniversaryNov 22, 2016

An event commemorating the first anniversary of “Nifrel,” a museum where living things meet art.

A large artwork (26m W x 3.5m H) is displayed indoors, while a piece created at a live painting performance during an anniversary ceremony on November 18 is also on display at the entrance.




また、11/18日のセレモニーで描いたLive painting作品を館内エントラスにて展示中。



More detail

NIFREL / Client works


NIFREL 1st 1th Anniversary Official Website



EVITA × OHGUSHI – WinterNov 13, 2016

Winter-Limited Collaboration Package



Client : Kanebo

Bland : EVITA

*2016年12.1発売 数量限定のため、お近くの店舗にない場合があります。ご了承ください。

EVITA × OHGUSHI / AutumnNov 10, 2016

Autumn-Limited Collaboration Package



Client : Kanebo

Bland : EVITA

201610月発売 数量限定のため、お近くの店舗にない場合があります。ご了承ください。

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2016 “Inspired by Shark Exhibition”Oct 29, 2016



TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2016・写楽インスパイア展

2016年10月26日〜11月7日 明治神宮外苑 絵画館前

第6回「寺子屋」Jun 28, 2016


寺子屋 Website >>



ONE DAYJun 2, 2016

A website portraying the daily life of my dog and my family.

Charity T-shirt for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction / 熊本地震復興・復旧支援『白鳥の湖』チャリティーTシャツJun 2, 2016

K-Ballet x OHGUSHI: “Swan Lake” Charity T-shirt for Kumamoto Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction
Already sold out after sales started on Wed., May 25! K-Ballet Company will start pre-order sales soon.
We are very happy to be of small help for Kumamoto.
K-BALLET×OHGUSHI 熊本地震復興・復旧支援『白鳥の湖』チャリティーTシャツ。



SAKURA in Marunouchi / Art Installation by OHGUSHIApr 30, 2016

Immersive Art Installation of Giant Blown-up Artwork with “Sakura (Cherry Blossoms” Theme. A record number 40,000 people visited the installation.





Marunouchi Building / Tokyo

March 22nd – April 3rd 2016

Organizer: Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd.

Art Direction:East Japan Marketing & Communications, Inc. (jeki)

Artist curator : +81


丸の内ビルディング/1F マルキューブ

2016.3.22- 4.02


Art Direction : 株式会社ジェイアール東日本企画

Artist curator : +81

The OHGUSHI Website Has Been Renewed !Apr 30, 2016

■ A world map to show the location of each project.
■ Now with more detailed English explanations for customers outside Japan.
■ All artwork and photo images are now in high definition.
■ Easier viewing with the launch of the new smart phone version.
Thank you for your continued interest in us and we look forward to hearing from you!
2016年5月、OHGUSHI webサイトは新しくなりました。
CD & D : Kenji Maeda / mém
AD : Daisuke Nagamori / Unicum

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