+81 Gallery TOKYO / 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-28-9


Opening Event : October 21th (Sat) 16:00 Open 17:00 Talk Show Start
Speaker: OHGUSHI / Moderator: +81 Curator Yamashita


Opening Event : 10 月 21 日(土)16:00 開場 17:00 トークショー
スピーカー:OHGUSHI/モデレーター:+81 Curator 山下


OHGUSHI’s fusuma painting “Unryu-zu” achieved a double award of silver and bronze at the international advertising award show ADC’s 102nd Annual Awards, May 2023.
In the style continued from the Unryu-zu, this ink painting depicts the water god who presides over water with the “pure water” itself, which gives blessings to people.
The water is depicted more finely than in Unryu-zu, mainly using an ultra-fine brush with a face brush for the eyes of the dolls.
“Ryutou Kannon Bosatsu” is a bodhisattva who rides on a dragon god that brings good luck and saves people by fulfilling their every wish, and has been believed in since ancient times. It is said that the water gushing from the water jar is inexhaustible, and the overflowing water washes away people’s troubles and brings them hope and blessings.


2023年5月、襖絵「雲龍図」がニューヨーク国際広告賞 ADC 102nd Annual Awards にて、銀賞・銅賞の二冠を達成しました。



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