ただ水彩の奥深さと向き合うだけの濃密な一ヶ月間は、「人生の幸福」を味わえた愛おしい日々でした。   <OHGUSHI>


>>  OHGUSHI | Pray & Animals

“I made use of ink flow on completely wet watercolor paper, as if drawing on the surface of water, to create these figurative paintings.”

OHGUSHI created 27 pieces of new artwork out of his month-long challenge to a new technique.

Here 15 of them are publicly displayed along with the videos capturing the creative process.

This is a series of artwork capturing personal prayers as well as my favorite animals. I got rid of my existing style just for a month to “devote myself in painting”.

I cherished this very intense month of just facing the depth of watercolor, during which I could savor the “happiness in life”. <OHGISHI>

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>>  OHGUSHI | Pray & Animals

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